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Store Policy 

Thanks for shopping at our store. We hope you are fully satisfied with your purchase.   If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help.

We encourage our customer to try, test, and inspect the product before the purchase

In Store Payments Plans

Deposit or partial payment will hold the item for ten days only. If the buyer cancels in ten days or less a fifty dollars cancelation fee will be deducted or fifteen percent, whichever is greater. After ten days, the deposit is nonrefundable with no cash back or store credit.


No cancellation on any finance item. All sales are final if financed. Finance items are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange Once the finance lease has been signed. No exceptions. And you are responsible for the payments. Payments, cancellation, and or return must be handled with the finance company not us. Once you sign the finance lease, you authorize the finance company to release the fund to us immediately even if you did not pick up or the merchandise has not been delivered.


All merchandise cannot be exchanged after pick-up or delivery. No exchange on personal items including mattress, bedding, clothes, carpet, Shoes, appliances and furniture once the item leave our store. We encourage our customers to try, test and fully inspect the merchandise before making a purchase as we do not sell new merchandise. 


Seven days return policy no cash back store credit only if the item did not leave the store. No return on personal items including mattress, bedding, clothes and carpet Or appliances and furniture once the item leave our store. No return or exchange without a receipt.


Hundred dollars cancellation fee If the item did not leave the store.  All sales are final once the item leave our store and are not eligible for return, refund, or exchange after the item leave the store, picked up, delivered or installation has completed.



Every item sold as is and where is we do not offer a warranty on any product. Check our policy on the counter for more details.


After Sale

We hold items for seven days only, or storage fee applies after the seventh day of ten dollar a day.



No layaway of more than one month, a late fee will apply for each late payment after. One month the transaction is canceled and no refund will apply. We will not remind you about your payment dates, this is your responsibility.


All appliances are sold as is where is. We do not test or inspect any appliances. No Warranty on any appliances. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Appliances can not be returned or exchanged after prick up, delivered or installation has completed. 



We do not do deliver or installation. Delivery is a third party service. If you cancel the delivery, fail to answer your phone, or do not show up to delivery location, you will be liable for the original delivery fee. Delivery fee is not refundable for any circumstance. We are not responsible or liable for any thing happen during the delivery to the purchased items or to your house. Merchandise will not be returned to the store in case of cancellation of the delivery, the delivery company will deal with it. Not us. Items that do not fit during delivery, installation, or after pick-up are not eligible for return, exchange or refund.


Pallets are sold as is and where is we do not offer a warranty. 

We are a cash discount business, which it means; you will get a discount if paying with cash. If paying with a credit card, there will be a fee added. You are fully responsible for all credit card and/or other charges incurred for the merchandise and you will not dispute and/or charge back a credit card purchase for any reason what so ever. 

By signing this receipt or doing business with us, you are agreeing to all of our terms mentioned above and if posted anywhere in the store.

             Thank You for Your Business

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